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Here’s a question I’ve been getting asked over and over and over again for the last couple of years. to answer this question I’m going to give you two scenario’s that seem to contradict each other, but really they’re just two sides of the same ridiculous coin.

When I send my beats to songwriters and recording artists,

Should I only use beat tags at the beginning of my beats?

sometimes maybe at the end. here's why, professional rappers and singers won’t record demos with tagged beats, because a constant tag is disruptive during the writing and recording process.

Now let's discuss this myth because i'm sure a lot of you are thinking in these terms. A lot of producers think that major artists buy beats up front right after hearing them, you send someone a beat they say, yeah I like this let me send someone a check. That's not how it works!

They actually sit with the beats for a while, record ruff versions to them make edits sit with them some more then determined if those songs fit to their projects and more importantly their budget. And if you're beat is full of tags from start to finish this process may not even start.

beats & beat tags

Now, let’s talk about the opposite side of that coin.

Selling low cost beats online to the general public.

Many producers also believe that tagging the hell out of their beats with producer tags prevents theft. Granted, if i'm selling beats on an online beat store instead of sending beats directly to the artist, Then, yes!

You want voice tags throughout the beat because it prevents rampant theft. It also encourages artists to lease or buy the beat, so they can download the tagless version. Does it always work? No!

I’ve been selling beats online for a minute, and I always get emails from artists telling me they got one of my tagged beats off youtube, recorded to it and it’s for promo only.

then ask me if I can listen to it and tell them what I think. WTF?!

music producer in the studio

That’s like stealing my tv and then inviting me over for movie night. But this is proof that an unfortunate a number of rappers don't value the time or talents of producers and they don’t even value their own product because they rapping over a loud ass beat tag every few seconds. If somebody”s doing this to you, your copyright is being violated and you can use DMCA the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to remove any unauthorized recordings from any platform on the Internet.

Now over all beat theft is unavoidable but consider the context when deciding how to use voice tags and how to exercise your copyrights when the inevitable happens much success producers, Peace.


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