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Wussup, NUCKAS!'re yet another NUCKA that has chosen to go the rap route and BLOW UUUUUP!!!! You have the look, the 'swag', and you have ripped every hip hop instrumental that you've ever rhymed over. The broads love you when you perform at the local hood spot, you have a big ass crew of goons, and you keep-it-100! Right?

Now, all you need is the right originally produced instrumental rap beat! A great hip hop beat can take your ass a long ways in todays hip hop climate! Rap or hip hop beats that fit the artist rhyming over them are like water to a thirsty NUCKA!


Are you the hyper, tear the club up NUCKA that needs dirty south beats that makes muhfuckas wanna smash a henny bottle over a strippers head? Are you the super lyrical, miracle, cereal, venereal, NUCKA whose ultra scientific rhymes only make sense to you and a hand full of backpackers?

If so, you may be in the market for beats that only lyrical scientist can make sound hot!

The point I'm trying to make is that too many artist get on a beat that doesn't fit them. A lot of new NUCKAS in the rap game just hop on a wack ass beat because the producer who made it is known.

Now...from an industry POV, that may seem smart, but in this business, the bottom line is sales and BUZZ! Who gives a fuck if your hip hop rap beats were produced by Kanye West, but your style is more suited to instrumental rap beats by Zaytoven?

(If you don't know who that is, then kill yo' self!)

Rap fans seem to be overall cerebrally dumber than ever, but one thing these muhfuckas still know how to do is appreciate an artist that is presenting his flow over the correct beats!

Now, lets keep it real, kid. What are your chances of meeting an A-List producer, getting signed, and putting out a hit record?

I know...I know...a lot of dumb NUCKAS think that's the only way to make it big, right?


THIS IS THE INTERNET AGE! Artist, both old and new, that range from superior (Kendrick, Kanye, Jay Z, J Cole, etc) to lyrically WACK (just turn on the radio and figure the wack NUCKAS out for yourself) have all succeeded by either doing their own production or finding rap beats ONLINE! SHIT! That NUCKA Designer found a rap beat online and made PANDA to it! Don't rush your craft! Every beat is not for you!

Don't rush your craft! Every beat is not for you! This rap shit is science, my NUCKA! Fuck these big name producers!

There are plenty of rap beats for sale that you can lease or purchase to own!

The game has changed! YOU can control your destiny without spending a bundle!

So hop off of these A-list niggas nutz, and find a beat that fits you like a glove(not Oj's!)

The instrumental rap beat that you need is just a click away, but don't forget that the real key to your success is going to be a sound business mind, world class grind and work ethic, and the ability to make your sound a musical commodity!

You can download rap beats all over the internet,

Now get your lazy ass off of the games and go find a hot, unknown producer that's selling beats online!

Good luck.....NUCKA!

**-Mr.Moody is the host of the hottest urban podcast online, 'Mr.moodys Neighborhood'.

Put that in the search of iTunes, stitcher radio, and become family to the realest talk online!


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