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DJ TOOMP: ATTACH YOURSELF TO AN ARTIST & GRIND IT OUT! (VIDEO) & sit down with DJ & Music Producer DJ Toomp and chop it up with him about marketing & selling beats. This is an interview with Atlanta-based music producers Dejuan Boyde, Big Fee and DJ Toomp, who share advice for producers on marketing their music. We asks Toomps thoughts on how to succeed in the music industry and how to make money as a producer in the age of streaming. DJ Toomp emphasize the importance of attaching oneself to an artist or project, rather than simply giving away free music on mixtapes. They also suggest exploring other opportunities, such as scoring for TV commercials or movies, and getting in the trenches with an artist to grind it out together. The video provides a candid and informative look into the music industry from an inside perspective.

Enjoy, Holla!


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