DJ Drops Pack


Add your DJ name to Urban/Hip Hop DJ Drops! Get 1 dj drop for only $12. There's 7 official DJ drops in this DJ pack to choose from. 3 Day Delivery. Order online right here at

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Don't Know What To Say? 
Just Give Us Your DJ Name

 Music added for demo purposes only 

What's in this DJ Pack?

 Here's 7 DJ drop script examples:

#1 - Get your ass on the dance floor... DJ ______ is in the building!!!

#2 - You're in the mix with DJ ______!!!

#3 - It's time to get lit, with DJ ______!!!

#4 - It's your Baby's moma favorite DJ, It's DJ ______!!!

#5 - Here's another banger, with DJ ______!!!

#6 - You're now rocking with the best, it's DJ ______!!!

#7 - Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is DJ ______!!!

  • 7 Hi-Def wav Files Mixed To Broadcast Quality. 

  • Add Flavor To Any Genre Of Music.

  • Designed To Deliver Maximum Impact.

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3 Day Delivery

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Vocals Only!

new dj packs coming soon...