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Custom DJ Drops is our forte! We have male & female voices.
Offering Hip Hop DJ Drops, Reggae DJ Drops, Urban & Female DJ Drops to Dancehall DJ Drops, British and Black DJ Drops
Jamaican DJ Drops & Caribbean DJ Drops. If you need voices for Producer Tags, Mixtape Intros,
Ads, Event Promos, Websites, Clothing, Youtube Intros or Podcast Intros. Click!

Fly Guy


  • Voice: Male

  • Accent: Jamaican

  • Tags: Jamaican accent, Caribbean & Dancehall DJ drops, Reggae drops

  • Style: Jamaican, Patois

  • Explicit language: Yes 

  • Voice Services: DJ drops, Beat tags,  Name tags, Promos, Intros, Radio drops​

Delivery Info 

  • Delivery Time: 3 - 4 Days

  • How we deliver: To your email