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Get the best DJ drops & voice tags in the game! Are you a professional DJ, old school DJ, beginner DJ or music producer? We offer custom DJ drops & voice tag services in male and female voices for audio branding, marketing & promotion. At ThebeatbossHD.com, you get voice tag(s) with CRAZY (Oh My God!) vocal effects, intros, skits & commercials produced for you, that are proven to help you brand and grow your business. We even give you the resources to learn how to make your own DJ drops, and so much more! Just check out BeatBossTV. What’s important is that people know your name/business, what’s being offered, when, how & where they can get it! Also available Hip Hop Beats, Instant Download DJ Drops & Sound Effects. Audio is our thing…we got you!

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We feature a diverse team of professional male & female voice artists for official DJ drops. Voices & styles include: Urban, Jamaican accent, Caribbean, Dancehall, British, Old School, Hip Hop, Pop, EDM and Jazz We know that different audio projects require voices from different backgrounds, regions and a variety of accents & tones. So, we provided you with a diverse team of professionals for voice overs that will help to make you the commercial kings/queens to your clients, or guru for event promotion. Our voice artists can compliment any DJ’s mix, producers beat, radio station, product, promotion, video project or genre of music that you may be working with. For example, You might have a Hip Hop radio station, chances are you’ll need urban voices for imaging, or you might be working on a Reggae mix this week to put on Youtube or your website, you probably want a Jamaican/Caribbean accent for that authentic Dancehall flavor. Bruh… We Got You! Maybe you want to create a producer tag or beat tag and you need Chelsea’s sexy female voice to tag beats. We got that! Or, you want a voice with a gutter street sound to protect that stash of trap beats to sale online. We got that! We know music, radio & creative content over here. With a long list of satisfied customers, thebeatbosshd.com is unarguably the best in the business. What is a DJ drop? / What is a voice tag? Answer: A DJ drop / voice tag is a custom voice recording. All of the terminology being used today is enough to flip your wigman. What is a: DJ Drop, Voice Tag, Beat Tag, Name Tag, Radio Drop and Producer Tag), they all can fit into this one category: “Custom Voice Recordings” or (C. V. R. ) as we like to call it at thebeatbosshd.com. Our voices are not only used for all the terms mentioned above, but to deliver any intended message for any audio or video content where a voice is needed. Whether it’s for websites, online, radio, tv, youtube, In store or any kind of social media marketing & promotion. Whatever the platform, we have a voice for you! Do you have any DJ drop scripts examples? Yes, making the best DJ Drops, DJ Intros & event promos requires writing fun & creative scripts, this way the recording will help to command the attention of your audience, which is what you want. Right? And, the voice artists or you will have fun recording them. (Keep that in mind) Now, If you don’t know what you want your voice tags to say, just contact us here, or check out some of our DJ drop script examples here. You can also listen to some of our DJ drop samples right here to get ideas. Examples:

  1. Yo Dj______ play me more of that dope shhh!
  2. Aye yo DJ_____ turn that all the way up you dig!”
Do you have voice samples or DJ drop packages? Yes, we’re becoming DJ drops central spot for instant download voice samples and we have some dope packages that are already made, and exclusive to only The Beat Boss HD which may already have DJ drop scripts that you want. All we need is your DJ name and we can record it those drops. I’m sure you'll find an awesome package that works just for you. Do you have generic DJ drops? Sorry, we don’t do generic DJ drops. We have a track record of producing Dj drops that are not just appealing but high quality fm audio recordings and above all professional. If you want Dj drops that puts you in your own lane among the most popular Dj's out there, you wouldn't be disappointed by subscribing to any of our services. Can I get sound effects on my DJ voice tags? Yes, once you have chosen the voice(s) that you want, next is to decide if you want us to add effects or not. You can also buy & download single DJ sound effects from us and add them yourself. Here are the effects options we offer for custom DJ drops: 1. Dry DJ Drops: This custom voice recording will have no effects on it. Such as reverb, delays and stutters. 1 Dry Drop for $18 Includes: 1 Clean dry hi-def recording. 2. Add Vocal Effects Only - $3 more: We will add stutters, delays or reverb to the vocals only. Get 1 Drop for $21 Includes: 1 Vocal FX version 1 Dry version 3. Freak It Out - $13 more: This version is FREAKED OUT with everything! You get vocal effects & background sound effects like crashes, booms and horns or whatever we think fits your script(s). Get 1 Drop for $31 Includes: 1 Freaked version 1 Vocal FX version 1 Dry version Orders are delivered in 1-4 days and sent to the email that you give to us when you purchase, so be sure to check that you have used the correct email. You can also click on the FAQ tab at anytime for ordering & delivery information. Where are you located? We are based in Atlanta GA. Thebeatboss.com is powered by engineer/mixtape host/producer Big Fee who makes DJ drops 24/7 and has been marketing online & engineering audio for mixtape's, Interviews, recording artists, DJ’s, podcasts, event promoters, producers, you name it… for over 15 years. Big Fee’s promise to you is “Your DJ drops are produced like my DJ drops.” Your audio is good hands at Thebeatbosshd.com.


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